Average Portland and SW Washington Exterior House Painting Cost

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Understand the Cost of painting the Exterior of your house With our Pricing Calculator

Every home is different. Different factors can increase or decrease the cost of painting the exterior of your home. We built an exterior painting pricing calculator to answer our most frequently asked question from our clients:
How much does it cost to paint the exterior of house?

Factors that Impact Exterior Painting Job Cost

Age of your home

Older homes with original siding and trim typically require much more preparation prior to being able to apply any primer or paint. Not always is this the case, but understanding that a paint job not properly prepared fromthe past can cost you much more on future repaints.

More labor to scrape loose or failing paint, then sanding using our HEPA vacuum attached sanders, and spot priming all create a sound paintable surface but also add yours to your quote. When determining the cost of repainting your house factors such as the last time your home was painted and maintenance that has been completed since the last job all will play a key factor in the cost you pay today for your painting project.

Size of your Home

Size does matter when evaluating the cost of painting the exterior of your home.  The larger surface your home has to paint the more hours and paint that will be needed to prepare and paint the area.
Depending on the number of floors your home has will also add additional cost to your exterior painting project. Single level homes are typically the lowest costing exterior painting project when all conditions of the home are equal. The taller your home is the more ladder and mobilization that will be required which equals more hours of labor and more money.


The exterior of your home needs annual maintenance very much like your furnace or sprinkler system do. Often the cost to paint the exterior of a home can be decreased if you are able to wash the siding with a mildewcide or just soap and water annually. Dirt, rain, pollen, and other airborne contaminants can breakdown the paint protecting the exterior of your home.

Peeling paint in a few areas can be prepared and touch up painted annually or semi-annually to extend the longevity of your paint job. Typically you will have one or two sides of the exterior of your home that receive prolonged sun or wind exposure. These sides will be the most important to watch for any peeling or blistering paint. Others will have always shady and/or damp exterior sides of your home where mildew could be a problem. If this is the case a good washing annually with a soap, water, and bleach solution is reccomended.

Paint and Supplies Quality

The quality of paint and caulking are key factors in determing the cost of your exterior painting project. Not all paints are created equally and price of paint does not equal better on the exterior of your home. With new technologies in the paint and coatings industry new tighter bonding paints can cause more damage than good on an older home with many layers of paint. Understanding the right products to use for your exterior painting project is where the cost for professional painters to do the project will save you time and money.

Upon inspection of the exterior of your home we will be able to determine the right paint and sealant system for your home. Newer homes with well maintained fiber cement siding can be coated with the best paints available and provide 10-20 years of beauty. But, you will need to wash the exterior on occasion no matter what product is used.