Can oak cabinets be painted?

Created on:

July 21, 2020

Can oak cabinets be painted?

We are frequently asked this question by our customers.

The answer is absolutely! Oak cabinets are often considered dated, and are very easily updated with many different types of finishes.

Oak cabinets are painted using a variety of preparation techniques. Most importantly, degreasing prior to sanding. If you do not degrease cabinets properly, there is no amount of sanding or priming that is going to give you the finish you are looking to achieve. Instead you will end up with peeling finish and/or Fisheyes in your final topcoat. Fisheyes are an industry term to describe what happens when any finish material separates from an oily substrate.

"To paint kitchen cabinets, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified painting contractor. Old cabinets are usually contaminated by oil, wax, grease and a variety of other contaminants that will definitely require a thorough cleaning and degreasing. Many aspects of the process to paint kitchen cabinets require special tools and skillsets."
What Color should I paint my cabinets?

Do I have to paint my cabinets or cupboards white, or can I paint them a different color?

The good news is you are not only limited to white when choosing a color for kitchen cabinets. When deciding on a color for your kitchen cabinets it is important to take into consideration the type of material you want to use. Some paints do not have the ability to be tinted to the particular color you want, others do. Some colors for you kitchen cabinets are only achieved through special processes and it is important to discuss your expectations with your contractor so that he/she may help you determine what steps are necessary to achieve your desired outcome when choosing color your your kitchen cabinets.