Exterior Painting

Beautifying your home is only one function of an exterior paint job, Protecting it is the other. Using the best exterior paint and sealants will assure your investment is protected.

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Exterior painting is more than just making your home look beautiful, its about protecting your investment. Portland and Vancouver weather is harsh on your home exterior. Rain and wind grind away on the exterior of your home. Proper exterior preparation, paint, and maintenance are essential to keep your home investment looking and performing its best. Using the best exterior paints and sealants on your home will prevent deterioration and more costly repairs down the road.

In order to deliver consistent exterior painting results we follow the following processes prior to applying the best exterior paints to your home.

  • We pre-rinse using an earth friendly biodegradable detergent to assist in removing mold, midew, and tannin bleed from your siding
  • We power wash all surfaces to be painted being careful not to damage your siding.
  • Any failing or peeling paint will be scraped and edges will be feather sanded as needed.
  • We will spot prime any areas of bare wood using a stain blocking primer. Fiber cement siding that has lost its top coating will be spot primed using a masonry primer.
  • Failed or cracked caulking will get cut and removed from gaps and seams. We will then lightly scuff sand the areas to be re-caulked to allow for proper adhesion.
  • We only use the best quality elastomeric caulkings on the exterior of your home. Why would you not? Elastomeric caulkings allow your home to expand and contract with the seasons to keep your gaps and seams sealed for many years to come.
  • After the proper curing time of sealants (some elastomeric sealants require 5 days or more to fully cure) we begin masking windows, removing items near or on house, and covering surfaces that we won't be painting.
  • Painting will take place only when temperatures are not to hot or cold, precipitation is not forecasted, and all prep is done to our standards.
  • We will apply two coats of the best quality paint to the exterior of your home using an airless or air-assisted sprayer. We like to back brush or back roll when your siding is porous where we need to make sure that the paint gets pushed into the nooks and crannies of your siding.

Beautifyting your home is only one function of an exterior repaint, protecting it is another. We value both schools of thought and we make sure that by adhering to this way of thinking, we are not only protecting your homes surfaces....We are protecting our relationships.